A Brief Introduction To Modern Art

Modern art has become so popular in recent years that it has become very difficult to describe it without using terms like abstract, cubist, futurist, or even abstract expressionism. The term modern art was originally used to refer to the style and philosophy of art created during the mid-twentieth century. The term is most commonly associated with abstract art, where the ideas and practices of the traditional art world are discarded in an effort to create new artistic styles. This movement is often considered as a reaction to the postmodernism movement, which has been developed by prominent cultural critics such as Richard Francis Burton, Barbara Kruger, and Jasper Johns. The former is a response to the ‘culture of death’ which has been developed by contemporary art historians such as Edward Said.

modern art

For many people, modern art has become synonymous with modernism. While there are many forms of modern art, most modernists regard themselves as part of this movement, which is defined as a specific style, rather than a generic movement. A common feature of modernism is a complete disregard for conventionality, which is also associated with a reduction of emphasis on formalism and figurative art. This trend was developed by artists such as Pablo Picasso, who developed a style of art that combined the abstract concepts of abstract art with traditional forms of art, such as the painting of landscapes. The same applied to impressionist artists, who also developed a style of art that incorporated many elements of traditional art, such as the use of painted landscape to create paintings of abstract nature. In addition to its rejection of tradition, modern art also rejects the idea of realism, because the artist believes that reality is only possible through the imagination.

This kind of art was most popular from the 1950s onwards. The 1960s was a period in which mass movements such as civil rights, anti-war activism and the Vietnam War made radical changes to public opinion and led to increased support for the artists of the time. The artists of the time are now regarded as the pioneers of modern art, which has expanded to include contemporary art, which includes a number of contemporary designs such as sculptures and paintings. Though it is becoming more popular, modern art is still associated with artists such as Picasso and Matisse, both of whom are considered to be amongst the most important modernist artists of all time. Both were born during a period when modernism was very much in its infancy, but their art remains popular with modernist art enthusiasts.