Water Filter Dispenser – A Healthy Choice

The DrinkPod Alkali Water Filter Dispenser, two.5 gallons, makes an ideal portable countertop water filter that purifies and de-mineralizes your tap water, delivering pure, fresh tasting water to the user while keeping it handy in one location. The compact, space saving DrinkPod 2.5 gallon Alkali Water Pitcher provides a rich, refreshed cleansing taste from purifying and naturally neutralizing your tap water, keeping you hydrated and healthy. Stay healthy and hydrated with fresh, alkaline water that tastes great. Choose from an extensive collection of convenient, attractive and affordable countertop water filters designed to provide the healthiest water possible. Choose from the countertop water filters with one or both front panel filter cartridges or choose from the countertop water filters with dual front panel filter cartridges for best protection for both your countertop water filter cartridges as well as your countertop water.


The lightweight DrinkPod countertop water filter dispenser features easy, one touch, dual filter cartridge operation. It dispenses two hundred five gallons of clean, pure drinking water, all while keeping everything you need close at hand. In order to keep your countertop water filter working at peak efficiency, it is imperative that the water from the dispenser be free from sediment and impurities. That’s where the dual front panel filter cartridges come in. These filters are designed to effectively cleanse your water and remove impurities while maintaining the purity of the water you drink. With dual front panel filters, you can enjoy clean, pure drinking water from the dispenser with no worry about impurities and sediment.

When using a countertop water filter dispenser, you will not have to worry about spilling your water onto your countertop or on the floor. The Dispenser is protected by a self-sealing, spill-proof lid, making spill proofing a snap. The Dispenser is a portable water filter that is designed for ease of use and storage. With a spill proof lid and a powerful motor, the Dispenser is guaranteed to provide clean, pure drinking water, no matter how often you store it.

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